About Us

At Rite Care Pharmacy, we are a trusted dermatology-focused pharmacy, committed to ensuring that all of our patients and physicians receive fast, affordable, and convenient service during every step of the process.

Rite Care is the preferred multi-purpose pharmacy who’s primary focus is providing a wide range of fast, reliable and innovative services for its’ patients and providers. We promise a friendly & knowledgeable staff with a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our mission is to deliver exactly what you need at the ‘rite’ time, ‘rite’ place and at the best possible price. Your health matters the most to us, so let us care for the you ‘rite’ way.

Not A Corner Drug Store

  • Pharmacist Consulting Patient

We don’t compare ourselves to corner drug stores because there is no comparison. Rite Care Pharmacy goes above and beyond what any chain pharmacy would do for patients and healthcare providers.

Delivering the highest quality medications possible with ease is our duty, but our focus is on the bigger picture. At Rite Care Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the corner drug store mentality by bridging the gap between patients and providers. We understand the importance of the integral relationship between doctors, patients, medical assistants and pharmacists. Our main priority to make sure that everyone involved benefits from their experience with us.